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Wage & Benefits Report

Published annually, Dollars and Sense reports on starting, not average, wages and benefits for workers across Elwood's footprint.

Elwood's Dollars and Sense report contains wage and benefits data for clerical and production workers in manufacturing, distribution, and oil & gas facilities throughout the U.S. Unlike other resources that report average wages, Dollars and Sense focuses on starting wages. This unique approach allows us to paint a more accurate picture of actual wage offerings, as our data is protected from the influence of accrued wage raises. Please enjoy and share!

Click the links below for full access to the results compiled from our annual wage and benefits survey.

2016-2017 Dollars and Sense Report »

2015 Dollars and Sense Report »

2014 Dollars and Sense Report »

2013 Dollars and Sense Report »

2012 Dollars and Sense Report »

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