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Applicant Sentiment Index™

Because the staffing sector often feels change before any other sector, Elwood actively monitors the pulse of its applicants to detect changes and predict and prepare for market shifts.

The ASI is Elwood Staffing's only publicly shared index. As part of our standard application process, we ask every applicant to answer a set of five questions anonymously so we can measure favorable or unfavorable sentiment towards three parts of the job seeker’s local employment landscape: quality and quantity of jobs, quality of wages, and willingness to commute. The sheer number of responses—over 100,000 each year—and the stability of the questions over time allow us to track shifts in workers’ mindsets to predict and prepare for market changes.


DEC 2015 – DEC 2016

ASI Quantity of Jobs chart ASI Quality of Jobs chart ASI Quantity of Wages chart ASI Willingness to Commute chart

To measure change in sentiment for each item, we established a baseline value of 100 in the last month of 2015. Each chart displays the growth or decline in the percent of respondents who have an optimistic outlook. Responses are considered optimistic if the respondent indicates no change or growth.

Read special national and state-level reports below.

Q4 2016 Data Release

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